Finding the perfect matric farewell dress

The day every girl has been dreaming of is almost here.  For most girls there very first “big day”. Your matric farewell.

Most girls dream of this day for years. They have been saving pictures of their dream matric farewell dress.

Armed with these pictures the search starts. Only to realise when fitted the dress they have dreamed off doesn’t look at all the way they envisioned. 

Girls have a set idea of which styles they like and which they don’t.

Choosing the perfect matric farewell dress is so much more than a style in a picture on a model.

The perfect dress not only need to fit your body type. It also need to fit your personality and own personal taste.

Pictures of your dream evening gown is a good starting point.

My advice to girls fitting an evening gown for the first time is to fit all styles, mermaid dresses, ballgowns, soft flowy a-line evening gowns, sexy sheath evening gowns etc.

I have seen so many girls choosing the opposite of the dress they have been dreaming off.  One of my customers came in determined to buy a mermaid dress. Only to start giggling uncontrollably looking at herself in the mirror. I have also had customers who said they definately do not want a ballgown, but when the fitted a ballgown they couldn’t stop looking at themselves in the mirror, not wanting to take the dress of at all.

Once you have found the perfect style for you you can start looking at details.   Colour, material, lace, beading etc.




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